Korean Beauty

A World Class Partnership That Sets The Stage For A Unique Global Experience

Korean Beauty is about inspiration, well-being, unique textures, and efficacy. Kolmar Canada’s owners, Kolmar Korea inspire us to create textures that differentiate us from other manufacturers.

For Koreans, their skincare routine is a refuge, a daily ritual to get in touch with themselves. Kolmar Canada’s approach to Korean Beauty is not the number of products you apply, but their active ingredients and if they are well-formulated, clean, and good for you and your skin.

Kolmar Canada And Kolmar Korea’s Partnership Will Allow Us To Collaborate On Best-Selling Strategies And New Innovative Growth Opportunities With The Intent Of Expanding Our Global Footprint

Kolmar Korea

Connect For Innovation

Kolmar Korea’s rich 30-year history includes the first ODM service in the cosmetics industry in Korea. Their world-class researchers bring about technological innovation through the development of creative products. At Kolmar Canada, we collaborate closely with Kolmar Korea on the newest innovations in best-selling categories to bring a diverse portfolio of formulas to global brands.

Kolmar Korea’s R&D Complex is the world’s first R&D cluster that integrated the cosmetics/pharmaceuticals/health supplements research institutes. It provides support for all the R&D processes required for product development ranging from formulation, material research, fragrant materials, and package research. Kolmar Korea continuously challenges to develop new technologies to become a world-first-class R&D manufacturing company.


Innovation In Mask Technology

Kolmask, a division of Kolmar Korea develops and sources new concept mask packs and pads based on textile engineering of non-woven sheets, hydrogel polymer engineering, fermentation engineering of Bio-Cellulose, and environmental engineering of eco-friendly materials so that the technology of Kolmask can be integrated into one mask pack & pad.

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